Sporadic updates

My workspace setup

My Workspace setup I run Arch Linux on my Thinkpad X250. These are some apps I use, themes, tweaks and settings I made to my GNOME environment to make it more pleasant to use. This is as much detail I can think of in an hour. There are more but those are for later. Applications Emacs+Spacemacs. Several layers and Org Mode. Do read “David O Toole Org Tutorial” Evolution.

Windows 10 smc keyboard layouts

What are these “Keyboard” layouts ? Windows 7,8,10 versions support internationalisation for Malayalam very well. Although there are third party tools available for these Windows versions, they did not work on Windows 10 for some reason. These keyboard layouts provide two popular keyboard layouts for people typing in Malayalam on their computers. Inscript keyboard Although Microsoft provides an Inscript keyboard layout with their Malayalam langauge pack, they don’t have the exact keyboard layout mapping as specified by the Kerala Government website.

Dusting off

I have been meaning to get this log started back up for a while now. Regular logging seems to be a good tool towards improving anything. As with any effort targeting improvemnt, logging serves as measurement. Moving to another logging system To be fair, I don’t have a logging system like wordpress now. It was getting hairier and hairier for a blog with just a bunch of text and images.

Recording progress

Recording my progress on the privacy/distraction scheme of things as described here. Following is the (non-exhaustive) list of software that has helped me. for server management Roundcube for Web email Radicale for Contacts and Calendar Wordpress for the blog of course. Wallabag for read-it-later functionality Tiny Tiny RSS reader for RSS Metronome for XMPP Postfix for MTA Dovecot for Pop3/IMAP

All I ask for...

All I ask for Is a sunny place to sit A book to read A simple meal And a woman to go back to. I got all that For a day. And Now I wish that You’d get what you asked for Even if its for a day. (The beer is Guinness, in honour of my best friend. And all of the above is true)

List comprehensions - BOOM!

List comprehensions are ways to create lists. That is all there is to it. What is the closest thing to a list that is bounded by membership rule that we know about ? (From school i must add) Yeah. Sets. The bloody confounding sets. Okay but that sounds like two disconnected things. Show and tell time. Y is a set. Y = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} “Set of all elements, where each element X belongs to the set Y and X squared equlas X” - Personal infrastructure project

Thanks to I now have personal infrastructure on the web that powers my email and XMPP. Its been a long wait - I was about to do this all on my own when Yunohost popped up on HackerNews. Took me about 30 minutes to have it running on my server. I still need to sort out SSL issues, but I think I have settled on for the moment.