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I cleaned my room today.

No i didn’t mean the chumma dusting up. i cleaned the whole room. Took all stuff out and then vacuumed dusted, washed the floor. In short a full overhaul.

The reason : I start sneezing as soon as i get into my room and the obvious culprit was all the dust accumulated. Since I have banned my mom from cleaning my room , dust accumulated fast.

Since i made a mess on the front steps and the small courtyard ( മുറ്റം ) I cleaned them as well . The cats , though perplexed , were gracious enough to sit around and listen to my rants during the whole time.

The room and the courtyard.

Aah now , to the subject of the post.

Its a theorem:

You are likely to meet a superwoman everyday in your life

Super woman is the woman of today who balances a job , kids and house work and still manages to spend some time with her husband. They are amazing. Really.

I know two. One is my mother , the other is my sister. My sister all the more because she works as a software engineer and by the time she comes home , her mind is numb . But she still manages to play with the kids , bathe – feed and get them to go to bed .

I work , but when i get back home, i either sit around chumma or go read a book.

The theorem occurred to me because i was so tired after doing the cleanup . Washing the floor was a bit more kashtam than the rest of the chores. And to imagine that my mom does it twice a week to all the rooms.

So from now on , i am going to wash the floor . Twice a week.

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